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Teacher Planner Foundation

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This Teacher Planner for Foundation provides daily and weekly lesson plans based on the progression of Letters and Sounds. A calendar in the front plans out all the Foundation lessons for four terms. Resources included are designed to work according to the daily lessons as the letters are introduced, rather than consolidated at the end of the phase. The Teacher Planner also brings in decodable readers and introduces these closely after letter sounds have been taught to apply newly learnt letter knowledge to real reading.

There is a focus on handwriting formation and uppercase letters and a strong emphasis on Common Exception Words within the program. Common Exception Words (CEWs) have been ordered in their own progression, which runs in parallel to the letter progression. This allows for multiple CEWs to be presented with different spelling patterns but similar phonemes so that children can see the exception components as well the decodable components. Children are empowered to phonemically analyse new words from their grapheme-to-phoneme knowledge and to identify irregular elements as they occur.

The Letters and Sounds progression moves from Phase 2 where early letter sounds correspondences are introduced, to Phase 3 where more complex vowel digraphs are taught. Following this, Phase 4 is also included to teach CCVC and CVCC structures (adjacent consonants) as well as multi-syllable words. 

The complete Teacher Planner for Reception provides over 500 pages of daily lessons and weekly plans. Visual examples of supplementary resources are presented alongside daily lessons for quick reference.